We Care About Our Patients

Our aim is to provide a safe, non-judgmental, loving space for women to seek prenatal care who are using or have used illicit drugs during their pregnancy.

Hear it from Our Patients


What Makes Us Different

All-in-One Care

At each prenatal visit, patients have the opportunity to meet with any or all of the following: a Maternal-Fetal Medicine physician, a women's health Nurse Practitioner, a women's health nurse, a Peer Support Specialist, a licensed professional counselor, and a social worker. The patient stays in one room, and we each come to her. (Because, let's face it: it's nice when something in life is easier than expected). Need to see WIC or the Medicaid office? We've got you covered. Need an interpreter? Yep, we've got those too. If nothing else, our goal is to make navigating this part of your life just a little bit easier.

In addition to our medical services, Magdalene Clinic is honored to offer you a licensed professional counselor who is able to provide you counseling services to address mental health, trauma, and/or substance use. We also have a Certified Peer Support Specialist who will meet with you and connect you to resources for recovery in the community, as well as provide the comfort and understanding of someone who has been in your shoes before. We understand that getting around can sometimes be difficult, so our counselor and our peer support staff are willing and eager to meet with you during your regular visit to the clinic, or in your home if you'd prefer.

Dignity First

As part of our core values of love and radical transparency, we want to offer expecting mothers with substance use disorders the comfort of dignity in their experience with us. We believe you are worthy of respect and love, and we will show you this through intimate interactions with you as providers. You deserve a health provider who will give you unconditional positive regard and respect your decisions and needs.

Your time is valuable, and we are thankful you choose to spend it with us, so we choose to give you our full attention and answer any questions you have regarding your healthcare needs. Every patient is treated in a personal manner. You are not just a number. You are a member of our community.


We understand that the stigma of addiction can leave you feeling paralyzed, and may sometimes discourage you from getting the help you want and deserve. At Magdalene Clinic we do not judge you, we are here to help, and we are a safe place to come when you may feel overwhelmed or "lost" in your pregnancy or substance use.

Our aim is to give you all the love and none of the discomfort that can sometimes come with asking for help. Each of our providers is well educated in substance use disorders, and each of us chooses to work with you out of a place of love and compassion for your baby and for YOU.

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Radical Love. Radical Service. A Radical Change.

What to Expect

Patients can call the OB/GYN Center to establish prenatal care or be referred by a health care provider. The extent of prenatal care that the patient has already received will determine where the Magdalene Clinic team will begin her care. If she has completed appropriate labs and a physical, then the patient will be scheduled to see a Magdalene Clinic provider.

  • Magdalene Clinic staff will schedule an "Education" visit for the patient. In this visit patients meet with an education nurse. The nurse gathers prenatal labs for the patient, a full health history, and educates the patient about the prenatal care process. The nurse also schedules a visit for the patient's physical and an ultrasound.
  • The nurse will discuss drug/alcohol abuse history. If the patient tests positive for drug or alcohol use, then the nurse will direct the patient to meet with one of the Magdalene Clinic trained providers.
  • Patient visits the provider for a physical and to establish prenatal care. This is the visit where the provider recognizes candidates for the Magdalene clinic.
  • The first Magdalene Clinic appointment. At this appointment, patients will complete a consent form, answer surveys, and receive extended love and support from the staff.
  • At each visit the patient will see a social worker, behavioral health counselor, and provider. There is a free snack pantry, and each patient will receive a pregnancy gift during each trimester.

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